Looking after them
and giving them the
very best every day

In the 1990s, our founders shared their lives with their little dog Tana. They realised that none of the dog foods on the market improved her quality of life. They wanted Tana to live for many years and for her to enjoy a good quality of life. This realisation was the seed of Dingonatura.


Learning from scratch, with the collaboration of vets, breeders, nutritionists and engineers, they embarked on the project of developing and producing the most suitable food for Tana, a 100% natural food with the nutritional profile of the food that this kind of animal or its ancestors would have eaten when still wild or semi-wild. They also acquired second-hand machinery, which they began to adapt in order to achieve the desired result.

A new way
of understanding
pet food

Years of research, nutritional studies and testing with artificial stomachs eventually led to the birth of Dingonatura and its first products. Improvements in technology and product quality followed, but it was necessary to share all this effort and the results obtained so that other dogs could benefit from this new way of understanding pet food. It was time to make Dingonatura known.


Making ourselves known

So we decided to attend an international trade fair where we managed to make contacts who, moved by our product history and enthusiasm, joined our project. Now we could begin to draw up a business and communication plan to make Dingonatura known around the world.
At Dingonatura we firmly believe that a complete, natural pet food can keep your four-legged friend healthy throughout his or her life. That’s why we strive every day to perfect our recipes. Because we’re convinced that eating well means living better.

Eating well means
living better

Moments in
the history of

Dingonatura is born with the Dingo product range.
We launch Natura diet.
Our first international fair – Interzoo (first Spanish company to exhibit at this fair).
We begin to export our products, beginning with Switzerland and Finland.
We achieve the milestone of 1,000 customers.
We innovate in natural health with the Pro-health complex in our Natura diet range.
As part of our CSR policy, we begin to collaborate with the NGO K9 (Creixell rescue team).
First year at the Propet fair (Madrid).
We unveil a new corporate image and logo.
We launch Mhims.
We launch Healsty and Moments.
We launch Natura diet specialities (reduced -20%, light -10% and odontic). We obtain PETA’s cruelty-free seal of approval, which certifies that the company does not carry out animal testing.
We launch Natura diet grain free and we open a new logistics centre.
We create the “respect, protect & be natural” values.
We undertake new CSR commitments by collaborating with the associations:
Chair for Animals and Society of the Rey Juan Carlos University
Huellas compartidas (Shared pawprints)
We join the PSC (pet sustainability coalition).
We open our factory in Berbegal.
We launch Mhims Cat Ragout.
We enter the vet sector with a project involving our natura vet range and the Arrobavet platform.
We embark on an R&D project with Uriach labs in order to develop Dr. Dingo, our first range of functional, nutritional supplements.
We undertake a new CSR commitment with the Perros y Letras (Dogs and Reading) association.
After some important R&D work, we launch Natura diet cats and extend our functional snacks range with Moments.
We undertake a new CSR commitment with the Huellas compartidas (Shared pawprints) association and its Fils trencats (Broken threads) project.